Wiping Wood Stain & Designer Series  - Express Order Checklist
Mohawk Wiping Wood™ Stains are semi-transparent, pigment based stains that are non-grain raising, fade resistant, easy to stir, non-settling formulas.

Mohawk Designer Series Stains are unique colors that enable deep, rich, intense color development in one application that previously may have taken multiple color steps to achieve. These rich stains can be sealed in as little as 30 minutes.

Designer Series Radiant Stains are formulated to quickly give you deep colors with vibrant undertones that simulate a two step color process. They are fast drying wiping stains made with dyes and pigments. May be sealed in 30-45 minutes.

Please note that the M645 designations (shown in color chart above) are the Waterborne variations of the stains. They are not available to order on this page but can be special-ordered. Contact us at info@moffitt-smith.com

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