Kwick Kleen

Kwick Kleen
Kwick Kleen's product formulas were purchased by Flo-Strip which is currently only carrying Paint Removers in 30 and 55 gallon drums.

Fortunately, we now carry 1 and 5 gallon sizes in strippers and stock Kwick Kleen comparable products under the Hood & Mohawk brands. We use these products at our facility so you know we stand behind their quality!

Kwick Kolor Wood Stains were formulated and are manufactured by Kwick Kleen for professional and amateur use. BRUSH, WIPE OR SPRAY HIGH CLARITY DRIES IN 45 MINUTES

Kwick Kleen #120 Non-Grain-Raising Liquid Remover

Kwick Kleen #125 Industry Standard Paint Remover

Kwick Kleen #140 Paint and Finish Semi-Paste Remover